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Rob Robbins

Rob Robbins

Rob Robbins launched Alliance Artist Management in 2006 with former partner David Middleton with a mission to develop and promote ensembles that possess a mastery of the traditional repertoire, while bringing new literature and innovation to the form. AAM seeks a pragmatic and productive alignment of artistic expression and vision with commercial needs (and their inherent constraints), and to achieve success with an uncompromising dedication to enhancing the human experience.

Alliance Artist Management's portfolio boasts some of the most distinguished and sought-after ensembles performing today, from our vocal ensembles, chamber music ensembles, to our touring orchestras and attractions. The ensembles of AAM's roster each embody the highest artistic standards, a unique commercial appeal, and bring a distinctive innovation to their particular form. Recognizing the importance of engaging future concert-goers and enlisting uninitiated audiences to the rich experiences of live performance is central to our company's goals, and guides the work we do.



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