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Residential Campus Overview

Located just a 10-minute drive from the Music Academy’s main campus, Westmont College’s stunning mountainside campus houses the Academy’s summer residence halls. The residential campus belongs to a private liberal arts college. The residential campus also hosts other summer residents/organizations, including families and children, therefore fellows’ adherence to all campus use policies help ensure a positive community dynamic for everyone on campus. As a renting organization of that campus, Music Academy residents are not held accountable to the policies required of students enrolled in that institution during the academic year period.

Westmont Map

  • Smoking Policy: As of 2019, Santa Barbara is a smoke‐free city in public and residential areas (including tobacco, marijuana, and electronic vaping devices) in order to provide a healthy, family‐friendly, and clean environment. Music Academy main and residential campuses are also smoke/tobacco/vape‐free. Academy fellow accommodations are within a residential area, so there is no facility near that campus which permits smoking or vaping.   The Music Academy maintains a drug‐free environment. Illegal drugs, tobacco products, marijuana, cannabis products, and open flames (including candles) are not allowed on campus.   The use or possession on campus of illegal drugs, marijuana, cannabis products, and drug paraphernalia incur a $500 fine per incident. Questions regarding the use of medical marijuana prescriptions on campus must be submitted to the Dean prior to enrollment. The use of possession on campus of tobacco products, smoking, and vaping devices, and open flame, will incur a $100 fine per incident. Further violations may result in dismissal from the Festival. See Fellow Policies Handbook for complete details.


  • Alcohol Policy: Westmont is a dry campus during the academic year as an undergraduate institution, yet by contractual arrangements Academy fellows may enjoy alcohol (beer and wine ONLY) at the residential campus/Westmont in the Clark Lounge at specified times. Alcohol may NOT be stored or consumed in fellows’ rooms or outside the designated lounge at any time. When bringing beer and wine to campus, it must be stored in the Residence Life Office and will be labeled with the name of the fellow who purchased it, and then served back to that fellow during evening hospitality hours.  Drinking by fellows who are under age 21 is prohibited. Under‐age drinking will result in mandatory dismissal from the program.  Fellows 21 years of age or older must drink responsibly. Fellows identified as publicly intoxicated by Music Academy administration and/or law enforcement will lose the privilege to reside at Westmont for the remainder of the Festival and will be responsible for arranging off‐campus accommodations at their own expense or will be dismissed from the Festival. Alcohol policy violations incur a $500 fine per incident. Further violations may result in dismissal from the Festival. See Fellow Policies Handbook for complete details.

Monday – Saturday: 

Breakfast 7:30 am & 8:30 am

Lunch (Westmont) Noon

Dinner 6 pm


Breakfast 8:30 am

Lunch (at Westmont Only) Noon

Dinner 6 pm

* fellows should arrive promptly to the meal start times stated above in order to avoid delays

Daytime and overnight visitors are not permitted on the Westmont Campus.
  • Quiet hours are from 10 pm - 7 am daily
  • Practicing is permitted in rooms from 7 am – 10 pm daily

A Computer Lounge is available at Westmont. Computers are equipped with internet only. You are encouraged to bring your own laptop if you anticipate needing to work on programs beyond the internet. 

Wireless Access

Free high-speed Wi-Fi is available at both campuses. 

Westmont WiFi Information:
Network: Visitor
Password: Westmont

Westmont Wifi connection issues: Often many wifi problems are due to a computer attaching to a distant access point and not letting go of the connection even if the signal strength is weak.

  • If you are having a problem:please first disconnect and reconnect wifi on the computer. This should refresh the signal.
    Then run a speed test at net.  If the speed is below 10 enter a “help ticket” at
  • If you are still having problems:please submit a support ticket by emailing and send a CC to Include:
    • your location on the Westmont campus,
    • the MAC addressof the wireless interface on your computer, and
    • briefly describe the problem. It is important that you detail what you’re experiencing so it can be quickly addressed.

Illegal downloading of unauthorized content is not allowed.

Copy Machines

Copy machines are located at the Academy and in the Voice Program office at Westmont. Most copying of music under copyright is illegal and the Music Academy does not condone this practice. Permission to copy music under copyright protection will not be granted by Academy librarians.

Laundry facilities are available within the Residence Halls. 

*laundry detergent is NOT provided in laundry rooms. Recommended detergent is “HE” (high efficiency).

A Parking Permit is required for personal vehicles parked at the Residential Campus. The summer Parking Permit fee for the duration of the Festival is $70. The fee may be paid directly to Westmont Conference Services at their office upon arrival.

Open 6- 8 am and 6 -8 pm Monday through Friday

All mail during the Festival should be addressed as follows:

Incoming Mail 

Between Monday, June 13 and Friday, August 5

[Your Name] c/o Music Academy of the West
1070 Fairway Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93108-2899 

Do not use the Westmont College address during the summer, mail during the summer must be sent only to the Music Academy. 


Westmont College Post Office: provides outgoing shipping services and stamps for purchase. All incoming mail and packages will be available at the Music Academy main campus.

Open Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm

There is a small bookstore/gift shop located on Westmont’s campus. You may purchase small toiletries, snacks, drinks, office supplies, books, Westmont apparel, gift cards, gift bags, and other various items through the bookstore.

View Westmont Campus Bookstore Hours Here:

Each fellow room has an individual trash can which may be emptied in one of the dumpsters near Clark Lounge.  Your trash can may be left outside your room on Tuesday and Thursday morning by 8:30 am to be emptied by the Westmont Cleaning Team.

Bathrooms and common spaces at the Residential Campus will be cleaned twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday mornings but your individual room must be kept clean by you.  Vacuums and cleaning supplies will be available in the Clark Lounge throughout the summer.

  1. Open at the Westmont Campus Monday through Friday from 8 am to 11 am
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