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Daily Schedule

A day in the life of a Music Academy Fellow

The faculty is more supportive than I could have ever imagined! The organization of the Festival is stellar, and everything runs very smoothly.

2020 fellow

Your typical day as a Fellow begins at Westmont College, where you’ll be housed for the summer. After a delicious breakfast, buses take you down the road a few miles for training at the Academy, or to the downtown performance venues for rehearsal. During an orchestra week, instrumental fellows attend rehearsals throughout the morning. Solo pianists spend the morning practicing in their individual studios at the Academy. Vocal pianists and singers attend morning rehearsals and lessons. Around noon, all Fellows break for lunch. During the week, the afternoon is spent in some combination of training: masterclasses, private lessons, coaching, practice, or rehearsals. The whole group reunites at Westmont for an early dinner, followed on most evenings by either a performance or rehearsal. Saturdays are busy with rehearsals, concerts, or competitions during the day, and performances most evenings. Sundays are a time to relax, and fellows can spend the day as they choose. Peppered throughout the week, Fellows will also find other pockets of free time. They can enjoy stunning nearby beaches, hike in beautiful mountains, site see in downtown Santa Barbara, gather for a meal or social activity with Academy patrons, participate in wellness program activities, take advantage of the many fitness facilities at Westmont, or simply rest. Fellows also bond through group social events, including a beach BBQ, movie and game nights, hiking, soccer matches, beach volleyball, and local excursions.
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