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Michele Brustin

Michele Brustin
Music Academy Board Member

Michele Brustin was an executive at NBC and an Executive Producer with her own company for thirty years in Los Angeles; prior to that she worked in the non-profit performing arts industry. She honed her skills as head of the Illinois Arts Council. Those skills served her well in Hollywood where she became Vice President of Drama Programs followed by Senior Vice President of Comedy at NBC under Grant Tinker and Brandon Tartikoff. She later formed her own company. Michele served as an Executive Director of numerous television projects under the umbrella of Universal Television, Columbia, and Scripps Howard. She retired early to enjoy life in Santa Barbara and has spent her free time involved in music organizations which had been her life-time passion since she was a piano student at Peabody Conservatory. She was previously on the Board of the Music Academy for nine years, is now on the Ojai Music Festival Board, and was on the Board of the innovative opera company The Industry in Los Angeles. When she worked in LA, she was on the Board of the UCLA performing arts organization and on the Music Center’s Education Board.

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